Anything but Myself


Holes are not the end of our story. In the wholeness journey, they are truly our beginning. – Lisa Whittle

My theme for 2012 has been to connect – connect with people, connect with places, and connect my head with my heart.  And I honestly feel that I hit the ground running with connecting to people and places by my two wonderful trips to Texas in the first two months of the year.  However, it seems my attempt to connecting my head to my heart has been a bit sluggish…maybe even resistant.

When the book titled {W}hole by Lisa Whittle found its way to me, I never realized the impact that it would have on me.  I thought I had worked through some of the issues I now face, but through the course of reading and applying the material, I could see why my life was being interrupted (again).

I desperately needed to know that I would be okay without being anything but myself.

Lisa, the author of {W}hole says,

It becomes dire, that we know who we are outside of those roles. Losing our dependence on a role is the birth of true identity. Until those roles get out of the way, we cannot fully embrace our created role as God’s child. We cannot know the depths of our purpose. We cannot feel the comfort of Him being enough.

With the roles out of the way, I felt exposed and violated. I despised this feeling. But Lisa says,

To gain true and lasting spiritual freedom, I would have to be brave enough to look at those holes without looking away.

As painful as it was, I allowed myself to stay in that mental state of exposure.  No roles involved, just me. And in that moment, my heart started making the connection to what I knew; my identity rested securely on the roles I played and not who I am in Christ.

When I surrendered to the place of saying, “God, I don’t know how to be anything but… I can’t overcome my heartache, I need You to make me whole so I can experience peace and joy and fullness” that is when His power began to fill the voids that once consumed me.

Wholeness of identity is the most beautiful of all things that can happen within the heart of a believer. It helps us hold more tightly to our intimacy with God and more loosely to everything else that might change.

Don’t let holes, be the end of your story.


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