Suffering to Change the World


For 21 days now, I have been following Emily Freeman’s 31 days to change the world series.  She is calling on ordinary people to step out and make an impact to our world.

Day 21’s topic is about suffering and how we always try to prevent suffering.  In her book Grace for the Good Girl, she talks about how we are always trying to prevent something bad from happening.  She explains,

Nearly everything I do is to prevent death.  I wear my seat belt, schedule a yearly physical, and look both ways when crossing the street.  I eat bananas and work out.  I cannot think of a situation where I would choose death on purpose.

I like the way Emily thinks.

We are always trying to prevent something, but maybe we need to allow things to happen to become better.

If you would like to read more about her thoughts, head on over to her post titled Change the World- Suffer.


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