An Unfair Situation


When ABC announced their fall line up, I said I would not watch the new show Revenge; simply because I am pro-forgiveness and the show would contradict my beliefs.  But when nothing on channel 4 or 5 would not satisfy, I found myself watching the show and each week I’m being pulled in by some strong magnetic-like force.  Even the photo looks intriguing. 

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The main character Emily received a letter from her late father, David, going on in detail of the parts of her life she missed out on.  Her father was falsely accused of a violent terrorist attack and she was institutionalized for the majority of her young life.  Both situations were unfair, but he specifically told her to forgive those that hurt them both.  However, as the title suggests, she chose the path of revenge.

I can sympathize with her ordeal and why she would want to make those people pay.  To have your father falsely accused for a crime and to be ripped away from him would be a source of tremendous pain.  Being confined with unanswered questions would fuel anyone towards revenge.

One by one, Emily sets out on destroying those that caused them harm.  She keeps a picture with her and from what I can tell, it looks like 12 people all played a role.  She targets them by uncovering dirty little secrets and exposing them in humiliating and scandalous ways.  She is cunning yet ruthless and always keeping her eye on the goal.

I know it is just a show, but I have to be careful as to not get all caught up in the story line with her.  I have to remember that forgiveness is the better way.  Last Wednesday at Bible study, I heard one of the best messages I have ever heard – What do you do when you cannot forgive in your own power?

There was nothing more unfair than when Jesus died on the Cross.  He was beaten, tortured, and disfigured, but at the very end He forgave those that hurt Him.

“Forgiveness is the sweetest revenge.” – Isaac Friedmann

When something tragic or unfair (abuse, betrayal, or death of a loved one) happens to us, we are taught to forgive.  It’s the only way we are to ever move on.  But what if we simply cannot?  We cannot move past the pain that was inflicted on us, to deeply forgive.

What has been revealed to me, was Jesus had to call on His Father to help Him forgive.  He could not do it in His own power and neither can I.

Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.

All my life I was taught to forgive and I have done my best to do so.  I have written letters, gave forgiveness face-face, but for some of those deep wounds, the forgiveness never felt real.  Forgiveness at times was just an empty word.

In order for Jesus to be resurrected on Sunday, He had to forgive on Friday.  For some of us, we are still stuck in “Friday” and have not yet experienced our “Sunday” resurrection.  I know this because I was living in “Friday” up to that very moment.

But the moment I asked God to help me forgive them, immediately everything changed!  I was overcome by an indescribable peace and joy.  And I have been living fully ever since!

“To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.” – Robert Muller

How is your “weekend” shaping up?  Still living out Friday or living fully on Sunday?


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