The Bricklayer


It takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it. – Anonymous

A bricklayer, according to Wikipedia, is a craftsman who lays bricks to construct brickwork. Building a brick wall is a process. First, the bricklayer needs to ensure they have a solid foundation to support the structure. Once they have created their foundation, they start laying the bricks from the left end of the wall, then they spread a layer of mortar on, and press the brick down. After the day’s work is completed, the bricklayer goes home, leaving the structure abandoned and exposed. Anyone is welcome to access the structure as there are no security measures in place.

The place I am in now is a place of rebuilding. I am a bricklayer only I am building trust. Love completely bulldozed the strong, impassable tower which I labored over for years and left me with a new place to build. I am building confidence in someone based on their word, their character, and their actions. I am building trust.

Rebuilding is difficult. I have doubts. The design is completely different from what I am use to. The only foundation I am familiar with is typically rocky. I am not too certain about something solid. I don’t fully believe in the process either as I am afraid of getting hurt again.

In spite of my fears, my doubts, I continue on. Care and respect is spread across and another brick is pressed down. With each brick, comes another layer, and another, and another. This process is laborious and takes time to complete. If I had it my way, this would be completed overnight. However, I am not calling the shots. I am just the bricklayer, not the foreman, and I have to leave the structure unattended until I return.

What seemed to be another successful day on site, turned into a setback. A friend, out of concern, warned me to proceed with caution. The new-found friendship that caused this rebuilding was faulty. The foundation I perceived to be built on trust, care, and respect, was actually lies and deception. What did I know of the contractor? Could he be trusted? There was something off about him.

She felt that I was caught up in the appeal of the design and had my blinders on. I could not fully see the danger ahead. Immediately, I let the doubt she planted take root. She was right after all. This was all too good to be true. What was I thinking trying to build again?

For a brief moment, I actually entertained the idea of abandoning my work and walking away altogether. The risk was too great. The wall would probably crack and fall apart anyway just as the others did in the past.

Instead of running away, I decided to consult with contractor. It was risky, but I felt the need to check his credibility, and give him a chance to deny the accusations. From our talk, I realized the truth. My friend had never seen the structure. She never paid a visit to the site and inspected the place for herself. She only heard there was rebuilding taking place. What did she know really? She did not have access to the internal structure, only what she saw on the outside.

After sorting through my emotions, I picked up the designs, surveyed the potential damage, and decided to build any way. While I appreciated the concern of my friend, I decided to pass on her warning. I was quite confident in what I was building. My foundation was solid. I was creating something beautiful and something that would last. If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself 🙂

Nichole and Jengasignature