Imperfect Love


You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. – Unknown

I use to think in order to receive love, you had to be perfect – blameless, no imperfections. I thought the person you were in love with had to be perfect too. You had to have the perfect little union, you know, do everything right all the time. I guess I thought love was achieved by works. It seems that life led me down this path of lies.

As I’m working out this word, love, I keep breaking down those lies brick by brick until I uncover the absolute truth.

perfect love

It’s kind of like my painting here. It’s not perfect. It might not be exactly what the professional teacher painted, but it is close to perfection for me 🙂 As I study my painting, I discover that love is not perfect. It is messy. It goes out of the lines sometimes. It is bright in some areas, and lacks luster in others.

As I pray over what I want in a husband, I realize the perfect man does not exist and he many never live up to my expectations. For all I know, I probably already found the “perfect” man and let him go due to him not fulfilling my long list of requirements.

But when I get the chance again, I’ll let go of that list and just shoot for this 🙂

the perfect guysignature


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