The Cardboard Box


When I was little, my step-dad worked for a local furniture store in my home town. He made me a playhouse out of one of the tall boxes that the furniture came in. He cut out a door so I could go in and out and a window for me to see.


Mine was not this fancy.

The playhouse set inside the breeze way of our apartment. I loved that playhouse. I played in it all the time. I kept it as long as I could until the elements of rain and wind ruined it and I eventually I had to throw it away.

Even though I grew up, I never truly grew out of staying inside a box. I always boxed myself in with tight parameters so only I could go in or see what was on the outside.

As I journey through this love thing, it requires that I step out of the box and take risks. I have to be vulnerable.

I shared this picture with an old love of mine with the message that said, “I hope this speaks to you like it did me.”

To Love is to be VulnerableRight after I sent the message, I immediately wanted to throw up and recall the message. That was so unlike me. I don’t send messages like this. I don’t put my heart on the line. But you know, I’m tired of my heart being unbreakable, unreachable. I want it to feel the elements just like my playhouse. I want to invite people in and let them see me.

My heart might be ruined in the process, but at least it will be alive and active. So what does your heart say about you? Are you still living in the box?



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