The Chair


My Mom’s favorite chair is a rocking chair something like this. When I think of my Mom, I think of her rocking in that chair. The chair is as old as me and the wood on the arms is worn down. The carpet underneath wore a bit thin from where she rocked so much.

Rocking Chair (2)

She can sit for hours and just rock. She rocks while watching t.v. She rocks while catching up with a friend.  I think it soothes her.

Recently, my Pastor was teaching us about prayer. He played a video titled Coffee with God to introduce us to his lesson as well as to inspire us to set aside time to pray.

At first, I felt convicted after watching. I don’t always necessarily carve out time in my day to have quiet time with God. It seems like I work Him into my day – like getting ready in the morning or driving into work.

So, I chose my favorite spot on the couch as my chair. Every morning while having breakfast I meet with God and read Love Out Loud by Joyce Meyer. This book has been right under my nose for a year now and I never read it. It seems right on time as my word for the year is love.

I read, then sometimes I pray using my prayer journal, or I just share what’s on my heart.  My time usually ends with me having to touch up my makeup as the more I share, the more tears fall.

I cannot accurately express what my time in the chair has done for me.  Something internally is changing. It’s like a new personality is emerging – one I’ve been craving and one I’ve been praying for. I feel like the load has been lifted and joy takes over.

We need quiet time to examine our lives openly and honestly. . . spending quiet time alone gives your mind an opportunity to renew itself and create order. – Susan Taylor

You know, I never understood how a chair could soothe you until I took a seat in it myself. That 9 minute video changed my life all because I made a point to find me a chair. So I ask you, “Where’s your chair?”



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