When Broken is all You Know


Even though we are healed, at times it is hard to lay down the crutches. – Nichole Cornelius

The Church I attend is made up with different levels of believers and probably some non-believers. You have your baby Christians which just started walking with the Lord and then you have your seasoned Titus-like believers that know the Bible like the back of their hand.

I think I fall in the middle of the road. I know the Lord, but now I am truly getting a real revelation of Him. The hand is finally making the connection to the hot burner on the stove.

I’ve walked a lot of hardships out (too many I think) with the Lord. To put it plainly, broken is all I know and have known. In the current territory I find myself in, I again feel like the baby Christian who is teetering and tottering in the land of freedom/healing and I don’t know what to do. A great deal of healing has transpired in the last year and a half and for once, I am not broken.

Wait a minute! You mean there is nothing to fix? I’ve been healed of that problem? What am I to do now?

I immediately want to run back to my crutches, because they are safe; they keep me steady and from falling. Being broken is all I know and now I feel completely lost without them.

My Pastor preached a sermon on Sunday titled On Behalf of Others. He summed it up by saying life is not always about us. We are so quick to focus on our own problems and what we can get out of the situation and fail to realize that maybe just once, the situation is about someone else.

I am guilty of this way of thinking. Wait, what about me and my problems? That message did nothing for me. I wish he would preach on this or I wish he would preach on that…

But what I fail to realize is the ultimate goal was never about me and always about Him and how I can make a difference in the lives of others.

If I’m truly going to get a real grasp of my purpose, then I am going to have to lay my crutches down for good. They no longer have a purpose. True, they have aided my walk to the place I find myself now, but now I am strong enough to stand on my own two feet.

I was never meant to live my life entirely with those crutches, they were just a means to an end…

and neither are you.


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