Wearing Confidence


It’s Fall. And in my opinion, it’s the perfect season of all. With fall comes cooler temps, sweaters, boots, and cute scarves. With fall also comes pumpkins – scents, coffee, and the Great Pumpkin, Charley Brown. Pumpkins symbolize fall but also Halloween.

The buzz at the moment is costumes. What are you going to wear? Who are you going to be? I’ve seen it all this year from a wedding reception with a Halloween theme (costumed required) to outlandish costumes of our ever-present reality. I saw my beloved Honey Boo Boo child with her Mom, June, and her Dad, Sugar Bear. I saw “binders full of women”, angry birds, and things I really did not want to see (more appropriate for behind closed doors).

Apparently, one of the trends this year is the roaring 20’s.  I saw 5 flappers at one party alone.

When Goodwill did not deliver on a sequins and fringe dress, I settled on pieces in my closet with a touch of my own flair 🙂  Isn’t the point of Halloween to stand out? Be noticed for your originality?

I was half tempted to go as myself, honestly.  I have spent years hiding my true identity for fear that I would appear weird or different, and worst of all not liked or accepted.  But this is the year of the new me – a new year of loving myself and embracing self-confidence (whether liked or not).

I decided to wear my 20’s outfit. Of course, people could not figure out who or what I was, but in my mind I did not really care. For the first time, I knew exactly who I was and that was all that mattered to me.

So whether you go as yourself or Honey Boo Boo this year, remember this, wearing confidence never goes out of style. Who ever you choose to be, wear it proudly and start a new trend 🙂


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