The Words


Words are like arrows. They have the ability to hit the target if you shoot well. But like arrows, sometimes words sting. And words once used, cannot be taken back. – Unknown

The Words, a movie featuring Bradley Cooper, just hit theaters. Any movie or show with Bradley Cooper will always catch my eye. I have been a fan of his since he played Will on my beloved show Alias.

Here is the review from Fandango.

When shallow wannabe-writer Rory Jensen (Bradley Cooper) finds an old manuscript tucked away in a bag, he decides to pass the work off as his own. The book, called “The Window Tears,” brings Rory great acclaim, until the real author (Jeremy Irons) shows up and threatens to destroy Rory’s reputation.

I think it takes a lot of guts to take credit for someone else’s story, their life’s work.  I also find it disappointing when someone shares your words without truly understanding their meaning or uses them to “stir the pot” so to speak.

Last night, a wise friend and I were sitting on her porch swing talking about this very subject and she made a very valid point. She said, “You can say something to someone in passing, something very light and casual that had little meaning. Then someone can take those words, give value to them, and then they form a life of their own.”

I equate this to the whisper game we played as children. I actually just played this game on Sunday with my Sunday school class. I whispered to the first child “Jesus loves you.” When it got back to me after passing through 14 children, I heard, “rah rah rah”. What?? That is not even remotely close to what I said!

We got a good laugh in the end, but when one word is spoken incorrectly it can leave a lot of damage. I know because once again I am left with cleaning up a mess that should have never been created in the first place. One word taken out of context has snowballed into unnecessary pain for all parties involved.

I’m pretty confident that I will go see this move. A close to home plot combined with a fine-looking actor is getting two thumbs up in my book. As as writer, I know the value in words and how much work is involved in writing a book, and I am hoping the ending gives the credit where the credit is due.

After all, I hoping for the same kind of ending to my own story.


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