Second Time Around


Love is sweeter the second time around. – Unknown

So as any single gal would do on a Friday night, I found myself sitting on the couch with some wine and watching multiple episodes (too many in fact) of Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta. Girl after girl was trying to find that perfect dress to marry the man of her dreams. I even watched an episode where a girl had the Atlanta Falcon cheerleaders in the store to “cheer” her on. Can you say over the top?

In each opening episode, the consultant first goes through the introductions – who is the bride, who are the people with her, what is the bride’s favorite style of dress, their price point, and what is it about the man they are going to marry. Every girl says something different. They want a ball gown, mermaid style, or a beaded dress. Some spend around $2,000 and some have an unlimited budget. Some of the brides met their man in high school, some in college, some by way of friends. Either way, their man is awesome, a great man, and they are best friends…blah blah blah…

One girl in particular said, in regards to her man, it was love at first sight. I of course teared up at her response. It’s true that “love at first sight” is overused and can be a cliché, but I think when you know you know. It is more than just locking eyes on someone it is a feeling – a feeling that I have once experienced.

As I find myself inching back into the dating world roughly after a 10 month break from my last long-term relationship, I may not be saying yes to the dress just yet, but I am hoping to find love at first sight a second time around.

To be continued…


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