Hiking with My Dad


“A good companion shortens the longest road.” – Proverb

Yesterday, I took full advantage of the unexpected fall like conditions and went for a hike; a place I spent almost every day during my unemployment stint. The trails were full of people, some traveling alone with just an Ipod and some with 2 legged as well as 4 legged companions.

Warner Woods Trail 2.5 Loop

About half way through my hike, I came up on a Dad and his two children. I actually startled the small boy as I heard him say, “Dad someone is behind me!” as he scurried off to catch up with him.Ā  I overheard his older sister ask, “Who put the acorns on the trees?” So, they stopped so he could answer her question.

I couldn’t help but get caught up in “their” moment. I did not have experiences like that with my dad. I would have thoroughly enjoyed going on hikes with him or participating or sharing whatever gave me joy.

But the walk I am on today, I know that I am not alone. God is right there with me enjoying Mumford and Sons Pandora radio and waiting for the questions (like “Why am I still single??”) that plague my mind.

My niece in Gatlinburg with her Dad šŸ™‚

Although I’m self-sufficient and can walk on my own two feet, I’d like to think that when I go hiking with my Dad, He sits me up on His shoulders, lightening the load, all while I’m asking “Who put the acorns on the trees?” šŸ™‚


One thought on “Hiking with My Dad

  1. Paula

    WOW!!! You have touched my heart with this one! I never had moments like this either but would love to have them. I should remind myself that my “Papa” is right here with me, enjoying those moments that my earthly father chose not to be apart of. Thanks for sharing!

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