Picture of My Soul


It is only to the individual that a soul is given. – Albert Einstein

Last night, I introduced my good friend to Mumford and Sons and Kings of Leon radio on Pandora or known to me as my “therapists”. We were cruising through my playlist (which was being streamed through my t.v.) and I felt a bit embarrassed, almost like I was exposed in some way.

There it was for everyone, ok just 1 person, to see. My love of Adele, Warren G, Kenny Chesney, and Chris Tomlin. I’m a lover of all genres and would never consider myself to be biased, but I have never let the whole world on this little secret either.

It got me thinking, like I always do. What would our lives be like if we lived the way we do behind closed doors? If we let people in and let them see what we are passionate about or what makes us tick? We let them see our “taboo” Ipod/Pandora playlist?

It’s like we opened the window to our souls.

So here are few things I often keep hidden (I have anxiety typing this…ugh)

  • I love to recycle. I made my own little recycle container while at the beach  because I could not stomach throwing away a plastic bottle (neurotic, I know).
  • I crank up the music and dance in my living room singing like it is my own song (often scaring my cats in the process).
  • The 50 Shades of Grey trilogy was very therapeutic for me (there I said it).
  • I’m notorious for scanning stations because I hate commercials.
  • I cry (a lot).
  • I pray for people and have been tempted to cuss them in the next breath.
  • I do stay up late (contrary to popular belief).
  • I laugh and even find myself to be hysterical at times.
  • I have been known to break rules. In fact, I sometimes drive in the HOV lane.

I am passionate about many things, and I do tend to live a freer life when I am alone. But when I am out of my comfort zone, you get the posed, controlled, uptight version of me and seldom do you see the footloose and reckless in my own capacity version. But if I am going to live up to my one word resolution for 2012, this has all got to change. For me to truly connect to the world, I need to draw the curtains, keep them open, so you can see the true picture of my soul.

And I hope you do the same 🙂


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