I’m on to you Jesus


Without mysteries, life would be very dull indeed. What would be left to strive for if everything were known? – Charles de Lint

I’m picking up the scent of the trail that you’ve left…the trail to my future. I’ve studied with the best…Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Criminal Minds, and my all time favorite Unsolved Mysteries. It was bad enough that my Mom made me watch the real-time version yet alone all the reruns on Lifetime, yes I said it, Lifetime. Let’s not forgot the countless hours I played Clue. Why yes, Colonel Mustard, you did it, in the Library, with a candle stick.

All this preparation and experience has been very beneficial for how I earn my paycheck – I research, analyze, and more importantly, I solve problems.

In my many, many conference calls I find myself on throughout the day, normally I doze off dreaming of chips and guacamole or wait for what unrealistic word that my friend has submitted and unbeknownst to me has been accepted by the app “words with friends” (can’t you just feel the emotion rising in that major run on sentence ). Quats is not a word for crying out loud! (see even my spell checker did not recognize the word…hmm) I’m a teacher and I would like for you to use it in a sentence!

So back to the conference call. We were discussing the project and how we were going to work with teachers who had never written items before. One team member piped in and said, “None of us have experience with writing items so it will be a tough road ahead. How are we going to train teachers on how to write items when we have little experience ourselves?”

That caught my attention. That little butterfly feeling I get in pit of my stomach hit me. I knew that Jesus was talking to me.

During my time at being a “stay at home woman”, I spent time as an independent writer for the company I once again call my employer. I wrote items thinking I was just polishing my craft and keeping me at bay from the cuckoo’s nest, but little did I know that I preparing myself for the future.

That Jesus is a sly little devil 🙂

My insides were dying to click the “raise your hand” button (for those familiar with the webex world) and say, “Look at me, I have experience, I’ve written items!”

However, I refrained. Not nice maybe, but I sensed God telling me to be quiet. “Not now girl, this is not your moment” kind of talk.  So, I let my team hem and haw over how they were going to make this work. God had already lined this up. He knew I would find myself at this place one day at being the so-called expert on writing items.

He never ceases to amaze me.

So, before you ever think God has forgotten you, remember that He has not. Whether you are in the barren land or the land of plenty, He is always up to something. Planning, hemming and hawing, preparing us for the road ahead, solving the world’s problems, curing cancer all while quite possibly dreaming of chips and guacamole and playing words with friends 🙂

Gives a whole new meaning to “He’s got the whole world in His hands” 🙂


One thought on “I’m on to you Jesus

  1. I LOVE this!!! So, you still kept quiet even though you knew you had written items? You are good!!! Wonder what God is up to next? Wonder why He wanted you to wait on it. Eeeeek! I am so excited to see where this is headed!

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