Ride out the Wave


The boisterous sea of liberty is never without a wave. – Thomas Jefferson

I spent Memorial weekend in Hilton Head, SC. I love the beach. It is my sanctuary. A place where I can go, let go, and be free if only for a brief moment in time. Most of the time I am covered up under an umbrella because the sun is not so kind to my pale skin. However, whenever possible, I head out to the ocean to catch a few waves. I love riding the waves. It brings out the “kid” in me.  I cannot help myself, there is something so inviting, so endless, yet powerful about the ocean.

As I prepare for what the tide rolls in, I stand with my back to the ocean and dig my feet into its floor. I wait, anticipating the wave the is quickly building, quickly approaching. Some waves are gentle and pick me up, swiftly rushing me to the shore. Others are rough and knock me down in one quick swift, dragging me along the sand. My eyes sting and my mouth is full of uninvited salt water.

Each wave carries its own strength – different from the other.

I cannot help but wonder if that is what it is like with life, relationships, and stuff. It is thrilling, inviting, and unpredictable. One minute you are in love, working, and dreaming, and safely being carried to shore, then next you are faced with the unexpected, and your heart along with your security is being dragged across the floor.

Life is unpredictable like the waves.

What I have learned through all this is the wave is coming whether I like it or not. I can either embrace it and ride out the wave by trusting the One who created it or can stop it with a simple spoken word, or I can deplete all my energy trying to resist it.

And with that said, I find myself again, standing with my back to the ocean with my feet digging into the floor, waiting and anticipating for what is going to roll in next.


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