A Year From Now


Choose Happiness posed the following question this morning on Facebook.

Remember what is important and let go of the rest. Does it matter to you? Are you invested in the outcome? If not, then keep it moving. Time is so precious. Make sure that your moments matter to you.

So a year from now, will it really matter what other people think of us?  Is their opinion actually that important?  Does it validate us?

I’ve come to learn by way of hardship that over everything else, I have to believe in myself. If I do right by people, do the best work possible, and go through the day with the best of intentions, then that is all the validation I need.

And something else…

“I find the solace I crave, in the righteousness of my true intentions. The Lord knows my heart, my intentions and that is sufficient.” – Unknown

I hope you do as well.


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