On the Other Side


“Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom.” – Marilyn Ferguson

Back to back days, I heard the same message – A Ram is on the Way.  I am very familiar with the story of Abraham and the sacrifice of his son – the one he waited for many years.  So on this particular Sunday, I must have tuned the Preacher out as I am not a man, climbing up a mountain, who is going to sacrifice is only son.

I guess God needed to make Himself clear and followed up with the same message in my Monday morning devotional.  He’s clever that way!

My plan was to skim through the message; again, I’m very familiar with this story, but I did not.  I obeyed the prompting I felt and went ahead and read it again, only this time, it was portrayed in a different light.  The details were a bit different.

All Abraham saw that day was his solitary journey of pain. As he got closer to the top of the mountain, his dread must have increased. I wonder if he asked himself any questions. I would have. I would have wondered why hadn’t God intervened? Why hadn’t God stopped this testing? Couldn’t God see that Abraham was a man of faith? Why test him in this way?

His solitary journey of pain – one day to Him – a lifetime for me.  I too have asked the same questions. “Why didn’t God intervene?”  “Why didn’t he stop all of this pain?”

After reading this, pondering the information, and sharing my thoughts with family, I have come to the revelation as this:

I am a woman who is climbing up the mountain of my past, sacrificing my life, my joy, my inheritance by living in fear, condemnation, guilt, and shame.

For every step Abraham took, a ram on the other side of the mountain took a step.

From what I have been told and must believe is that my ram, my healing, is on the other side of the mountain.  When I am ready to lay down what was lost and what I cannot change, is the moment God steps in.

And in this moment, new life begins.

“God creates out of nothing.  Therefore, until a man is nothing, God can make nothing out of him.”  -Martin Luther King


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