The Art of Catering


“Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others.
If you have that awareness, you have good manners,
no matter what fork you use.” Emily Post

For years, my family had a catering business.  First, they simply catered events, but as the business grew, they opened up a little cafe and served lunch.   I think their love for cooking and baking and their love for serving others, blended nicely together for a dish that did more than just satisfy hunger.  As the business grew, they had to adapt and expand their menu to meet the needs of their customers.

In business, we supply what is desired or required to satisfy a customer, so wouldn’t this remain true in our relationships?  How do we remain true to ourselves, but also cater to the needs and the sensitivity of others?

  • To the friend who is still single, do we share the news of a budding relationship with a great man?
  • To the one who struggles financially, do we share our blessings that come from being financially stable and living in abundance?
  • To the one who is unemployed, do we share the news of a promotion?

This list could go on and on, but these are a few of the things I have witnessed or have experienced myself.

When do we draw the line at the information we share in our relationships and truly being ourselves?  For some, sharing comes off as boasting, even if it was intentional or not.  So, if we don’t share for the risk of boasting, do we risk losing the beauty of fellowship?

I have been on the receiving end of others’ words hurting my feelings and have learned that my words have caused others the same.  We will always be sensitive in some area of our life or engage with those that can be sensitive.  So I guess no matter how you slice it, good manners should always present themselves no matter at what table you land.

I part with a prayer I read today from a post from (In) Courage.

Jesus, we praise you for the provision to create each of us as distinct, precious, holy images of you and we ask your blessing over this sweet fellowship of sisters. That we would love each other well, encourage to the heights, listen until there are no more words, chasten only when mandated, appreciate all things unique, and most of all, thank you for the mighty work You are doing in each one of us…every single day.


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