Untapped Reservoir


A reservoir is a storehouse or an artificial lake. They are created by a dam made out of concrete, earth, and/or rock, and once created, the stream fills the reservoir.  They serve as a direct water supply to water treatment plants and they also control how water flows down waterways (Wikepedia, 2011).

Diamond Valley Lake Reservoir

The breathtaking reservoir is just waiting to be used.  I think at points in our life, we are idle and just waiting to be used.  We are these mighty storehouses of the God’s truth, power, word, kindness, love, grace, and mercy but we keep it to ourselves.

Then Jesus asked them, “Would anyone light a lamp and then put it under a basket or under a bed? Of course not! A lamp is placed on a stand, where its light will shine.  – Mark 4:21

We are like the light put under the basket instead of shining and revealing the truth, instead of reaching out to those that are lost, and blessing others by buying a meal or offering words of encouragement. We sit back and wait for someone else to do the work. We pass on an opportunity instead of seizing the moment.

“He said to them, Therefore every teacher and interpreter of the Sacred Writings who has been instructed about and trained for the kingdom of heaven and has become a disciple is like a householder who brings forth out of his storehouse treasure that is new and old. Matthew 13:52 (AMP)
What kind of treasure is flowing from you or are you an untapped reservoir?


One thought on “Untapped Reservoir

  1. Let our light shine, so that they may see our good works and glorify our father in Heaven.As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.Regards,Kim Facey

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