The Story Redeemed


In January of this year, I entered the Women of Faith Writing Contest. I had high hopes of winning the grand prize – a chance to have your book published by Thomas Nelson and being carried under the Women of Faith name.  I took a chance, along with 749 other women.  For whatever reason, I did not win, nor did I come in the top 30 finalists.  Even though I was deeply disappointed, I still felt a strong urge to keep writing. 

God spoke to me through a dear friend and said, “You’re telling the wrong story.”  I was thinking to myself, “What?? What does that mean?”  My story is my story and this is the only way I know how to tell it.  But God went even further and the very next day I read this on one of Beth Moore’s blog.

Some whole stories don’t need to be told in public, but they do indeed need to be redeemed.  To me, the line is drawn where the glory to God and the good to the listeners profoundly exceeds the pain of the testimony.  If the listener will likely be left with graphic visuals and oppressive thoughts or pervasive sadness, we need to refrain from telling it in detail.  In those occasions, generalities are best.  We don’t have to tell people everything to tell them an important something. 

So by God’s favor, I have been given an opportunity to improve my craft, expand my writing and speaking skills, and hopefully discover my real message.  Proverbs 31 Ministries is hosting their annual She Speaks Conference.  They are offering up two scholarships to attend and I, like so many others, have entered.  Even if I don’t receive the scholarship, I am believing that God will provide the means and way for me to get there. 

So, if you have a passion or calling to help others by sharing your story, I invite you to check out the scholarship contest site and enter as well.  Because as Mother Teresa once said, “We are all just a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.”


3 thoughts on “The Story Redeemed

  1. Hello, I clicked on your link from Lysa's linky on her blog, and I am SO glad I did!!!!! I LOVE that quote from Beth Moore, and it is exactly what God has been speaking to me lately concerning the telling of my own story. He has been impressing on my heart how not only will I need to edit my words, but I will need to "edit my LIFE". I don't have to tell every single little sordid detail…and that is actually a RELIEF!!! But the trick is, figuring out what exactly He wants made known. I am certain He will reveal it to us!Praying that He makes a way for you to attend!!! Blessings!!

  2. Wow, this really made me think! I too submitted to Women of Faith, and didn't make the top 30 either. But I am praying both of us get to attend She Speaks! Sometimes I think I spew a little to much of my life vomit, and then other times when I spew it, I find that someone deeply identifies and needed to know that they weren't alone. And I love this quote from Beth! We always have to be careful to glorify the healing, not the hurt!

  3. Stephanie, I had no idea that you entered the contest as well!! At least we took the chance! I cannot wait to see meet you and Kimberely at the conference!! Call those things that be not as though they are!!!Kimberely, I sent you a message directly on your blog :)Will be praying for all of us!!Nichole

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