The Game of Life

Last night I was hanging out with friends and we decided to play Jenga.  I had never played before, so I opted to set out the first round.  I claimed to be a spectator who wanted to see how the game was played, but in reality I was fearful; fearful of someone watching me and scrutinizing my every move.
As I sat back and watched, I studied the game playing strategies.  There was the risk taker who made his move silently and in a calm manner.  There was the big game talker who bragged about his success.  Then there was the anxious player; the one who was was worried that the wrong move would cause the structure to fall.  I, myself, was the anxious player; in that game and in the game of life

What was supposed to be a simple night of fun, turned out to be a bit stressful.  I dreaded my turn and kept hoping the person before me would make the costly mistake, not me.  But as time progressed and as I lightened up, I started to enjoy the game.  It was just a game after all, and the pieces could be put back together as easily as they fell.  At least, that is what my friends kept telling me.

I’m sure this sounds very trivial, but what happens when we take this approach with our life?  We are afraid to make a drastic move because we fear the worst.  We don’t live out our dreams because we are living out our fears.  We’re afraid to write the book for fear of it being rejected.  We’re afraid to pursue the relationship for fear of a broken heart.  We’re afraid of taking the job for fear of failing. 

So I am curious, what is your game playing strategy?  Do you take risks, step out on faith, or are you a spectator of your own life?

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?


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