When Nothing is Enough


Since the holidays and especially Black Friday are fast approaching, I seem to be inundated with coupons and sales ads all luring me to come to their store and shop.  I am a frugal girl who loves good bargains, and I hate to pass up these fantastic deals!  But the attempts and tactics made my retail stores are getting ridiculous.  Target is opening their doors at 4 am on Black Friday.  Some stores are even opening on Thanksgiving day.  Madness!

Our need to buy more and more stuff has over shadowed the true reason of the holiday season. 

I have been reading Sabbath:  Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in our Busy Lives by Wayne Muller.    The information is so valuable and can provide immediate relief if applied to our lives.

Muller said something so profound in regards to what is missing in our lives.

When we are trapped in seeking, nothing is enough. Everything we have mocks us; we see only what is missing, and all that is already here seems pale and unsatisfying. In Sabbath time, we bless what there is for being.

Maybe it is time to stop seeking and give thanks for the blessings we do have.


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