The Secrets in Which We Keep


My niece loves to tell you secrets.  When she tells you she has one, it sounds like “cigarette”.  She’ll say, “I have a “cigarette” to tell you.  It cracks me and my family up every time!  Sometimes her secrets and little kisses on your cheek or maybe she wants to tell you she loves you.  But her secrets are always important and they express what lies in her heart.

But for the most part, our secrets are not so positive and we wish nothing more than to keep them in the dark.  From what I’m learning on my current journey of resting and being still, is that sometimes those dark and ugly secrets need to be shared.  My friend just told me “you’re only as sick as your secrets”.  I found a little poem that I would like to share with you.

You’re only as sick as your secrets

The things you keep inside
The stories so awful, so hurtful ~ YOU think
The ones you choose to hide
The feelings you wall off and keep at bay
The past you regret each and every day
The memories you wish would never be
The stuff you hope no one ever sees
You’re only as sick as your secrets
The longer you hide them you’ll find
They’ll rob you of joy and sanity
They’ll drive you right out of your mind
They’ll keep you from living life to the full
They’ll tug at your heart, push and pull
You apart ~ like a puzzle, piece by piece
Turning others away ’cause your thinkin’ stinks
You’re only as sick as your secrets
And make no mistake, my friend
When you dig them up and throw them away
Your heart will unburden and in the end
You’ll be free of guilt, shame and false pride
The Lord will protect you and give new life
You’re only as sick as your secrets
Aren’t you tired of being sick?
Then turn them over to God right now
Do it this moment… hurry, be quick
He already knows everything you hide
He’s just waiting for you to stop living the lie
That your secrets define you ~ that they’re who you are
That’s the work of the devil and it’s so far
From the Truth ~ give it up and throw it away
Walk in the Light… today is the day
You’re no longer sick ~ you’ve no secrets to hide
Give it to God… there’s the key to life
Yes, you’re only as sick as your secrets
But that’s not you…

I’m not sure about you, but I am tired of the secrets that rob me of my life.  It’s time to shed a little light on the secrets in which we keep.


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