The Hardest Pill to Swallow

Growing up, I was the child who could not swallow a pill of any kind.  My medicine would have to come in liquid form or be crushed up in a spoonful of juice or some other drink.  I’m pretty sure it was psychological as I don’t recall having any physical impairments that would prevent such a small action.  None the less, taking medicine was a chore for anyone who had to administer it as I did not make the task easy.
As I age, I discover I still have difficulty swallowing and that pill comes in the form of the truth.  Swallowing the truth is yet again a painful process as I do my best to resist it.  I don’t want to accept that my life is not going according to my plan and that my dreams may forever rest upon the shelf of my heart.  It’s one of the hardest pills for me to swallow.
Each week as I particpate in Jonah ~ Navigating a Life Interrupted, I gain a better understanding and revelation about His plan for me.  With each day that goes by, I find myself more eager to embrace it.   Just as Proverbs 16:9 says, “We may make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.”
The truth of the matter is I may never step one foot back in the classroom, but that does not have to change my purpose in life.  I can still teach, lead, and inspire but I may have to find other means of doing so. 
So if you find yourself struggling to accept Your truth, maybe it’s time to stop resisting and start swallowing.  It may turn out to be the best medicine you’ve ever had to take.

“Blessed is the person who finds out which way God is moving, and then gets moving in the same direction.” ~ Unknown


One thought on “The Hardest Pill to Swallow

  1. Hi Nicole,I have been struggling with moving in a direction that seems God-like and where He has been prompting me to go, but when I consider actually following through, I wrestle and even feel sick about it. I'm wondering if it is a pill I'm needing to swallow too. Thank you for your post and the thoughts it's making me consider.

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