Need Work


The contracting job I have will expire in about 3 weeks. To be honest with you, I have no worries. People keep asking me what the next step is, will this turn into something permanent, and if not, do I have a backup plan. The truth is I don’t have an answer to their questions but I do have a back up plan. I have an emergency fund saved and resumes posted, but am not letting anxiety and worry seep its way into that plan. For once in my life, I’m trusting God and waiting to see where He takes me next. It’s actually kind of freeing!!

This may be a bit off subject, but my heart has been heavy for the homeless. It never fails when I come across someone in need, I am not prepared. I don’t have any cash or food on me. This morning on the way to work, this one man was walking up and down a busy road leading to I-65. His sign was different. It simply said, “need work”. It did not say he was homeless, tired, or hungry. I’m sure all those elements existed, but he simply communicated the need that would benefit him the most. It hurt my heart that I did not have any work for him, but what I did do for him was give him my respect and prayed that someone could honor his request.

How many of us have the courage to boldly state what are need is?

In a few short weeks, I could find myself in the same predicament…Unemployed – Need Work.  But I pray for God’s favor in my job.  I have already faced many months of unemployment and am not quite ready to visit that again.  Just like that man I encountered today, I have to come boldly with my requests. 

Matthew 7-11 (The Message) says, “Don’t bargain with God. Be direct. Ask for what you need. This isn’t a cat-and-mouse, hide-and-seek game we’re in. If your child asks for bread, do you trick him with sawdust? If he asks for fish, do you scare him with a live snake on his plate? As bad as you are, you wouldn’t think of such a thing. You’re at least decent to your own children. So don’t you think the God who conceived you in love will be even better?”

I ask you this question.  What are you in need of today and have you made your request be known?

Love in Christ,


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