A New Trend


I think women as a whole, are not generally satisfied with their given status at the given time. We are constantly comparing ourselves to one another and trying to mold ourselves into a status that is more appealing to society. When we are in our 30’s, we love that “30 is the new 20”. When we reach our 40’s, we say that “40 is the new 30”. Since black is the fashion forward color, every other color wants to be it. If you are environmentally friendly, then “green” is the new black, and so on. Being thrifty is not a status that has everyone jumping at the seams to get in. We are so desperate to “keep up with the Jones’s” that we will put ourselves in financial risk and debt, than being proud of saving a buck or two. When did “thrifty” become a fashion faux pas??

Growing up, a trip to Wal-Mart was a treat and a trip to Target was unheard of! We did most of our shopping at the Dollar Store, Big Lots, and Save A Lot. When my mom’s car pulled into the parking lot of one of those stores, I ascended into the “flight risk” stage. The thought of being caught coming out of that store with a yellow plastic bag with black lettering, was terrifying! Nobody shopped there!!

Now as an adult, I look forward to shopping at the Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, Big Lots, and Ross. I enjoy reading the ads from the Sunday paper and clipping tons and tons of coupons. With the help of the ladies at “Faithful Provisions” and “Money Saving Queen”, I can now claim the rights of a new trend– “spend money / live generously”.

The art of couponing is spreading like wildfire. Some women have been fortunate to be able to be a stay at home mom due to this trade. Just the other day, NCB Nightly News did a segment on a woman who saved $25K a year by couponing. She is able to stay home, raise her kids, and her husband is able to take his dream job of teaching. A teaching salary barely provided for me, much less a family of four. If couponing works for them, then I know it can work for me!

I know the idea of clipping coupons and matching sales ads can be taxing but imagine the benefits.  The idea of getting something for free or for a few pennies inspires me to no end!  I hope you will join me on this journey to financial freedom one coupon at a time!

Love in Christ,


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