Better is one day…


in Your presence; better is one day in Your courts. Psalm 84:10 of the Message says, “One day spent in your house, this beautiful place of worship, beats thousands spent on Greek island beaches.” Joyce Meyer took it a bit further when she said,”Your worst day with Christ is better than your best day without Him.” I, to be a bit honest, struggle with this. Until I have lived through it or walked it out, I simply cannot believe. Pain has always been my faithful companion on this journey, and I began to question if MY days with Him were actually better.

Without fail, God has risen to the occasion and brought resolution to my doubts in some form or fashion. I can now see first hand why it is truly better to have Him in my life than not. I see it when I look into the eyes of a friend who is completely broken desperately trying to find some form of relief, comfort, and peace. I see it when she needs antidepressants or some other substance to combat the war that is raging in her mind. My eyes are NOT looking in judgment and I hate to see her suffer when I have the anwer in my very own hand. We all have our ways of getting through rough times and everyone processes things in their own way. However, in looking, I can now see the very reason that God has to be ever present in my life. When I am in trouble, He is my relief, my comfort, and my peace. He is my ANSWER to it all!

He has broken many chains in my life, He has put my broken heart back together over and over again, and He has put my mind at rest (with His word) when my emotions are in complete chaos.

So, if you find yourself in the very same spot as myself and you wonder if ‘better is one day in His presence’, think about what He has delivered you from. Do the benefits of choosing to have a relationship with God outweigh what you had without Him?

Love in Christ,


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