The Residual Effect


Residual- According to Wikipeia and in general, it is what is left over. When I think of residual, I instantly think of income. Of course I think of this, because I am not technically generating some at this time…sigh 😦 In all seriousness, residual income is what is left over after all the bills are paid. Most of us live paycheck to paycheck and the very thought of having any residuals leftover, would be the answer to our ongoing prayers!

Sometimes, however, residuals are not always the best thing for us. Those residuals can infect you leaving you in bad place. I relate it to my surgery. Everyone kept saying how easy an appendectomy was and I would bounce back quickly! WRONG!! The doctor left some of my ruptured appendix (residuals) behind and then the nightmare began unbeknownst to me! Months of sickness, severe dehydration, and the greatest battle of my mind and body to fight to stay alive.

In order to go more in depth with my message, I pose a few general, but profound questions.

What happens when the inner child in us still longs for the love of the absent father? Residuals

What happens when we lose our dream job (the one we’ve worked so hard to get) and in order to get by we scrub toilets, mop floors, and assist those very people we use to work side by side with? Residuals

What happens when the man we said ’till death due us part’ has an affair with our best friend? Residuals

Residuals, often unseen, at times can be provoked and come out roaring their ugly head!! Residuals leave us insecure and longing for restitution of our past! Residuals prevent us from moving forward, trusting and loving people, and deplinish our faith. They keep us looking back…waiting….longing for vindication. Genesis 19:26 (New International Version) says, “But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.” Lot’s wife relates to my message because she was lost and her mind was not on God, but herself and her past. She diminished, not the residuals.

If we set our mind on God and trust Him with every fiber of our being, He will eliminate the residuals and restore our past. He will give double for our trouble!! It is written, so it is true! Isaiah 61:7 confirms this by saying, “For your shame you shall have double and for confusion they shall rejoice in their portion. Therefore, in their land they shall possess the double. Everlasting joy shall be unto them.”

I leave you with borrowed words from Gitzen girl (a new blog God placed before me), “I really think, in this life, we find what we are meant to do when we stop focusing on what we are kept from doing. I have to remind myself of that sometimes, but the more I acknowledge that silver lining, the less I notice the gold that’s out of reach.”
When are focus is on the past (the lost job, relationship, etc), we miss what is right before our very own eyes. The gift of a new day awaits us. Restoration, peace, and joy are waiting with open arms to join us on the rest of this journey.
Will you accept them or cling to the residuals…the leftovers?
Love in Christ,


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