Just Giving Thanks!


It’s the eve of my birthday and I cannot help but stop and reflect on what the last year has meant to me. It was a year of heartache, betrayal, darkness, and growth. I’ve been watching the two day Whitney Houston interview on Oprah and I cannot help but be moved by her words. She was very candid and shared some of the darkest times of her life. She said that she did not know her own strength. This year I too learned the depth of my own strength. I know I am nothing without God and He empowers me to wade through the valleys and overcome the mountains!

Even though it appears in my current situation that I have nothing, I have everything! I have rich relationships and love is walking beside me hand in hand. I have been blessed beyond measure and have allowed myself (for once) to receive this love! It leaves me wondering why I ever felt unworthy to have received these kinds of blessings. So during this time, I am thanking God for all the lives that have intertwined with mine.

Psalm 84:5-7 says, “And how blessed all those in whom you live, whose lives become roads you travel; they wind through lonesome valleys, come upon brooks, discover cool springs, and pools brimming with rain! God-traveled, these roads curve up the mountain, and at the last turn – Zion! God in full view!” I am so thankful for the roads that I have traveled and each blessing received along the way!

Love in Christ,


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