The Balancing Act


I’ve come to the strong realization that my walk with the Lord must be daily, even hourly, not weekly, on Sunday, or just in a time of need. When the Lord is not allowed to be on the journey, things quickly get out of balance. Insecurities seep out and display a broken side of me, past hurts arise and quickly find someone new to take the blame, feelings of abandonment begin to rise and I feel myself drowning. So I find myself asking, why is it so hard to have the Lord in my life at all times? Is it that I think I have it under control, do I like my plan better, or is it back to the trust issue again? The simple answer to all my problems is to seek His kingdom first, live on His word, live in His grace, and rely on His strength. However, there are still some barriers (unknown to me) that prevent me from reaching that place.

Like with any relationship, new and old, you simply have to take it day by day. Keep it simple and walk in love, have mercy on one another and lift each other up in their time of need. In one of my favorite poems, the Father spoke to the child and said, “Come child, let us journey together. Where shall we shall we go Father? To a distant land, another Kingdom. So the journey will be long? Yes, we must travel everyday. When will we reach our destination? At the end of your days. And who will accompany us? Joy and Sorrow. Must sorrow travel with us? Yes, she is necessary to keep you close to Me. But I only want joy. It is only with Sorrow that you will know true Joy. What must I bring? A willing heart. What shall I do on this journey? There is only one thing that you must do-stay close to Me. Let nothing distract you. Always keep your eyes on Me. And what will I see? You will see My glory and know My heart. The Father stretched out His hand. The child, knowing the great love her Father had for her, placed her hand in His and began her journey.”

And although I feel a little out of balance at the moment, I know His hand is right there waiting for me so we can resume that path that was meant for me.

Love in Christ,


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