The Breaks of Life


You ever had the kind of day when the breaks of life are put on and you didn’t even request it? That is the kind of day I am having. I am cruising right along in my vehicle of hope and enjoying the scenery (my dreams unfolding into tangible visions) and then life throws you a curve ball…a friend does not get the job she was believing for…I find out some news that literally breaks my heart. Discouraging situations plummet my tank of faith. I rely on my faith and hope to drive me to my destination and right now I feel a bit lost and the road map has been misplaced.

As much as I would prefer to spend my days cruising around living in hope, I know reality will always make a way to show its face. The breaks, otherwise known as reality, remind me that I’m still on a journey and I will have a few setbacks along the way. As I rest up and get recharged for the rest of my journey, I stop and reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m headed. I know that with God all things are possible and I know that He has a plan for me, but I seem to keep jumping the same hurdle over and over…lack of trust and fear of the unknown. Casting Crowns has a song “Somewhere in the Middle” and I am totally captivated by the words as I feel stuck in the middle fighting for the God I want and the God who is. I’ll share a few of the verses with you.

Fearless warriors in a picket fence,
reckless abandon wrapped in common sense
deep water faith in the shallow end
and we are caught in the middle

With eyes wide open to the differences,
the God we want and the God who is
but will we trade our dreams for His
or are we caught in the middle

Somewhere between my heart and my hands
Somewhere between my faith and my plans
Somewhere between the safety of the boat and the crashing waves
Somewhere between a whisper and a roar
Somewhere between the altar and the door
Somewhere between contented peace and always wanting more
Somewhere in the middle You’ll find me

In order to get from one destination to another, you have to go the long haul. The middle of the road will be the determining factor if you will make it or not. You might get a bit broken and have to tend to a few wounds, but I hear that what is waiting on the other side far outweighs any pain endured on the journey. Lewis Dunnington said, “You will never leave where you are until you decide where you’d rather be.” So the question remains, will you continue to be “stuck in the middle” or will you get up and go with God?

Love in Christ,


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