At the beginning of school, the teachers were assigned to teams for team building activities. There was one particular person who immediately caught my attention. I tried my best to avoid her. She made me uncomfortable because she was so direct. Her voice could be heard from anywhere and she could easily draw attention to herself or those around her. I have always done my best to stay away from any type of spotlight. I would like to refer to her as sandpaper. Her words, when applied, are rough and painful, but the end result is a smooth and seamless product.

Later, I found out that we have things in common, for instance, our love of Joyce Meyer. We both attended the Relentless Women’s Conference in October of 2008. Out of 20,000 women in attendance, I ran into her. Now tell me that is not divine connection! That was the turning point of our relationship. She began sharing her Joyce Meyer teaching tapes with me. I would listen to them during my two hour commute to work. The tapes have changed me for the better and I have grown to rely on my friendship with her. Every morning before the kids arrive, she always pops in to say hello. She motivates me and reminds me that God is with me at all times.

Even though I was not too keen on the idea of spending time with her, God knew better. Sometimes the things that we resent, avoid the most, end up being the best thing that could have ever happened to us. Do you have any sandpaper relationships? If so, are you getting the result you need?


Let go and let God!


Let go and let God sounds pretty simple right? I don’t know about you, but this has been one of the hardest obstacles for me to overcome. Letting go simply means to not worry about the situation or person, pray over it, and turn it over to God for Him to work out. If you are constantly worrying or fretting over the situation, God’s hands are tied and He cannot work. We are always thinking that we can change someone and make them better. God is the only one that can change their heart.

I woke up Friday morning and it just hit me. “I got it…I got it!” I kept saying to God. I truly understand what it means to let go. In the past, I’ve always associated letting go with loss, abandonment, and rejection. Letting go was so painful for me. I think it is because when I meet people and I whole heartily believe in them, I cannot give up on them. Only God knows where I would have ended up had I not had people rooting in my corner. I pray everyday that my friend will get up and get back in the race of life! I had been “carrying” my friend and all it did was slow me down. I did not have enough strength for my own race. I know now that I will benefit my friend the most by remaining on the sidelines praying! I am believing that when I cross the finish line, my friend will be right there with me.

If you are wondering if you have truly let go, here is a simple formula for you to use: frustration = works of the flesh. Peace and joy come from above. Everything is subject to change if you pray!

Belief in the Unseen


I have recently decided to list my house in this upside down market. Believing that my home will sell in this economy takes enormous faith! Faith cannot act alone. I must believe it with all my heart and have no doubt. I have to live as if my house is in the process of being sold. I have to imagine life on the other side of this mountain.

The Lord gave me this verse today. Mark 11:20-24 says, “Have faith in God. Whoever says to the mountain to be taken and cast to the sea, does not doubt in his heart, and believes that what he says is going to happen, it shall be granted to him. All things in which you ask, believe that you receive them, and they shall be granted.”

I have to remind myself everyday that God is bigger than this economy. He can sell my house without a for sale sign. He has overcome the world and there are no limits on what He can do! 1 John 4:4 says, “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. ” Worrying changes nothing but prayer changes everything! Prayer opens the door for God to work. Have you opened the door for God yet?

Is the past really the past?


Philippians 3:13 says, “But the one thing I do: Forgetting what lies behind and pressing towards what lies ahead.” Today I find myself in a crossroad. A crossroad where the past crosses with the future. A place where old relationships keep surfacing for one reason or another. I keep asking this question: Is the past really the past or is it possible that it can be restored and actually becomes the future? When Paul said, “Forgetting what lies behind”, did he mean everything (good and bad) or does it just pertain to the bad? Are you supposed to forget the experience, delete the memory all together, or just relinquish the pain?

I know that everything happens for a reason and what the devil meant for harm, God turns it to good. However, my mind keeps wondering if this crossroad is act of God or a ploy of the devil?