Table for Six Please!


Last night, I was invited over to a friend’s house for some “patio” time. I was a bit hesitant about going. My wounds were still fresh and I was afraid someone may want to talk about it. That could possibly send me right back into the pit I have been desperately trying to climb out of. Something told me to go. Patio time consists of good girlfriends (5 including me), food, beverages of choice, and conversation that solely consists of men and the workplace. This time was different. We had an unexpected visitor; one to whom I will refer to as “Papa”. I have been reading the book “The Shack” by Wm. Paul Young. Papa is the name that the main character’s wife gives to God. Papa has such a warm and inviting tone…don’t you think??

Much to my surprise our conversations quickly became about Papa and our relationship with Him. I am a couple of miles ahead of this journey than my friends and always love to share and be a witness. Papa had other plans though. He told me to just sit back and listen. He wanted it to be an opportunity for them to open up without fear. It is truly amazing to see the changes in my friends. In the past, some might be afraid to talk about Papa and hold back on any questions they may have had. As a result of all the talk, we have decided to participate in Beth Moore’s Breaking Free Bible study. I will be facilitating the study and I am so excited to see what Papa has in store for all of us!

How many times have you invited Papa to join you at the table? He already knows your thoughts, words, and actions. He would be delighted to spend some time with you!

Love in Christ,


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