Let go and let God!


Let go and let God sounds pretty simple right? I don’t know about you, but this has been one of the hardest obstacles for me to overcome. Letting go simply means to not worry about the situation or person, pray over it, and turn it over to God for Him to work out. If you are constantly worrying or fretting over the situation, God’s hands are tied and He cannot work. We are always thinking that we can change someone and make them better. God is the only one that can change their heart.

I woke up Friday morning and it just hit me. “I got it…I got it!” I kept saying to God. I truly understand what it means to let go. In the past, I’ve always associated letting go with loss, abandonment, and rejection. Letting go was so painful for me. I think it is because when I meet people and I whole heartily believe in them, I cannot give up on them. Only God knows where I would have ended up had I not had people rooting in my corner. I pray everyday that my friend will get up and get back in the race of life! I had been “carrying” my friend and all it did was slow me down. I did not have enough strength for my own race. I know now that I will benefit my friend the most by remaining on the sidelines praying! I am believing that when I cross the finish line, my friend will be right there with me.

If you are wondering if you have truly let go, here is a simple formula for you to use: frustration = works of the flesh. Peace and joy come from above. Everything is subject to change if you pray!


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