The fruits of my labor


As a teacher, I am constantly challenging my kids, pushing them through their laziness, whining, and trying to overcome their defeated attitude. Trust me, it is daily, hourly struggle. Teachers have the hardest job in the world! They have to take on 20 + individuals needs while keeping their own sanity. My kids are smart but they are lazy. They want the easy way out, the short cut, or someone to do the work for them. For 8 months, I have endured this. I have tried bribing them with food, candy, parties, allowed them to sit with their friends at lunch, and everything else you can imagine for them to be successful in school.

We took a Science test on Friday. During instruction and review, I could see that the kids were well prepared and knew the information. I knew they would all pass. One student in particular kept bugging me about his grade. You see he just received his progress report and most of his grades were close to failing. His parents took away all his important possessions which in turn lit a fire under his you know what and now he is desperately trying to pull his grades up. I gave him his test and you could see the disappointment all over his face (he failed). He was crushed. This child is tough; a man’s man you could say. I looked up and saw tears coming down his face. My heart was broken. I pulled him to the side and told him I would let him correct his test with the opportunity to pull his grade up. He jumped at the chance! He did not let anything distract him. While all this was taking place, I felt the holy spirit rush all over me, but had no reason why.

Later on that night, I was having dinner with a friend. I was telling her what happened that day. I explained that this was one of the first times that I felt God’s presence so strong. Had I been missing opportunities like this in the past? Was I failing as a teacher? She flat out said, “No!” She said that I am finally seeing the fruits of my labor. I have been pushing and challenging these kids and some of them are finally at the point where they are desperate to make better choices and obtain an education through their own efforts. This child was at a point of desperation, cried out for help, and I was there to lend a helping hand.

This is how it is with God. He pushes us…challenges…wants better things for us! We can keep following our path, hitting all the bumps in the road, and missing all His opportunities and blessings. Until we are at the point of desperation, down on our knees crying out to Him, His presence may not been known. All you have to do is cry out for help, humble yourself, and He will be waiting with outstretched arms! Proverbs 16:9 says, “We can make our own plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” Who’s path are you following?


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