It’s Not a Sprint, it’s a Marathon!


If I heard that phrase once, I heard it 100 times! Little did my friend know how his words would impact me. Currently, I find myself in a plateau of my race. It feels like a small setback. I wonder what I did wrong? Did I not pray enough…study God’s word enough…just be still? I find myself looking back and wishing things were different. I fight hard not to allow my mind to slip back in that place. Joyce Meyer always says, “Where the mind goes, the man follows.”

I have ran a few 1/2 marathons in the past few years. Training for those required true dedication! You start off running a mile every three days and then increase to 4 to 5 and complete your long runs on the weekend which usually consists of 9 to 12 miles. I’ve always ran the Chicago half which takes place in October. Lucky me, the training takes place during the summer months in the south…ugh! Is is worth it you ask? Yes, to cross that finish line knowing you did this all on your own is the greatest feeling in the world!

At the beginning of every race, I am a bundle of nerves! I have all this emotion inside of me and when the gun goes off, I’m gone! I take off way too fast and try to keep up with the people around me. It never fails; by mile 2, I have shin splits…painful! Then I spend the next few miles trying to recover. That is the place I find myself today. I was feeling all these emotions (up and down), trying to resolve these issues, trying my best to forgive people, walk in love, and then here goes the big crash; a couple of bad days and a mind that is working overtime.

Philippians 4:6 says, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and thanks. Let your requests be known to God.” I know this is all I can do. I have to fuel up and rest for what lies ahead of me.


One thought on “It’s Not a Sprint, it’s a Marathon!

  1. Amen! All we can do it slow down and go at God’s pace for our lives. I love how much I screw things up for myself when i try to move quicker than his plan allows. Maybe God could put a actual metronome inside of us and let us know the right pace instead of having us figure it out the hard way..LOL

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