Walking in Forgiveness


Well, with a little help from my cousin, I found the courage to call up my Pastor. We decided to meet for coffee and just talk. I’m sooooo glad that I did! It is such an accomplishment to come full circle. It has got me thinking about true forgiveness. It is one thing to say you forgive someone but then keep avoiding them. True forgiveness is being able to meet them face to face and actually say, “I forgive you!”

The way I measure true forgiveness is if I can say that I am thankful for the experience. I also give up hope (only time not to have hope) that the past could have been different. To walk in forgiveness is to have your emotions catch up to your words!

I once read (I’m sure it was a Joyce Meyer book…I love her!) that Christ never allows the hearts of His own to be shattered without excellent reasons and eternal purposes. The purpose of my broken heart and soured relationship was to learn how to forgive and forgive quickly. It is amazing that one week ago, I felt agonizing pain and today I am walking in forgiveness…anticipating something great! Another piece of the puzzle has been added and I am restored once again!!

Thank you father for never leaving my side!


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