God IS in Control!


Everything happens for a reason! I’m sure you have heard this a million times. Do you believe this…I mean truly believe this? I certainly do! For instance, I stopped at a random book store in search of a new book of daily devotions. I am a huge fan of Joyce Meyer and knew that she had a couple of good ones available. I picked up “New Day, New You” and began thumbing through the pages. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across a post card advertising the Church I used to attend. Seriously…I thought I was being “punked” (for those of you who know Ashton Kutcher’s t.v. show)! I quickly put the book down and headed to the bathroom as a means of an escape. Seriously…where did I think I was going to go?

The reason for all this self induced drama is that the relationship with the Church turned sour and I made a decision to leave over 8 months ago. Although I forgave the situation and the people, I never made peace with it. I guess you can say that my emotions never caught up with my words. Finding this post card was not a coincidence. God orchestrated this beautifully! He made it possible so I would reach out to my Pastor and make peace. The question is do I obey God or flee?


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